Fire and smoke are the two defining characteristics of incredible kamado cooking. That’s why we’ve gone to such great lengths to find and create the world’s finest charcoal, wood chips and starters. Perfected for reliability and consistent quality, our range of premium fuels and tools make it easy to fire up and flavor your Kamado Joe.

Cooking Surfaces

Kamado Joe’s grilling surface innovations began with versatile, half-moon steel and cast iron grilling grates. That breakthrough thinking has continued to inspire a range of surfaces ideal for various ingredients and preparations—all of which can be used in endless combinations to suit any need and style.

Specialty Tools

Passionate grillers know that traditional searing and smoking aren’t the only ways to enjoy cooking over charcoal. With the right accessories, the heat and smoke within a Kamado Joe can be applied to everything from crispy pizzas to roasted turkeys and more.

Grill Parts & Accessories

We pride ourselves on delivering each Kamado Joe with virtually everything you need to start grilling. We also take great pride in offering the highest quality parts and accessories you may want or need to get the most out of your grill, now and in the future.

Seasonings, Rubs & Sauces

Our line of premium housemade rubs, seasonings and sauces are made from high quality ingredients with the grillmaster in mind. We only use kosher salt and organic evaporated cane juice, which helps meat caramalize, balance flavors and achieve a perfect golden-brown finish–it won’t char and blacken like regular sugar.